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Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation

The Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation is an independent non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to
enhancing community by supporting a thriving system of trails, parks and open space.

Remember the Parks Foundation

Because You Love Parks And Trails! Donate to the Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation this fall in your One Call For All giving!

The Moritani Preserve is a project of the Fletcher Bay Foundation, a private family foundation, . . .Read more

The Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation Board of Directors invite you . . . Read more

Donate Now!

Contribute to enhance and expand Island parks, trails and recreational opportunities

Support Island trails by donating today! Or, register for the Trillium Trail Run taking place on May 12.
Contribute to the Restoration Efforts at Blakely Harbor Park and help this historical area thrive for years to come.

Donate Now!