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Adin Dunning
Adin DunningPresident
Adin Dunning is the current President of the Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation. Growing up hiking, biking, swimming, and fishing in the Columbia River Gorge, Adin’s passion for parks and nature brought him and his family to Bainbridge Island in 2005. His kids keep getting older but they still spend their weekends as a family wandering our great network of forests, beaches, trails, and open spaces. An architect focused on public and non-profit community based projects, Adin brings his experience designing these types of projects to chair our Parks Project Committee which oversees and coordinates the Parks Foundation efforts associated with executing projects and administering grants. If he is not out running our trails (favorite BI run: Murden Cove through the Grand Forest/ Hilltop/ Forest-to-Sky/ to Battle Point Park), Adin can be found hiking the High Divide or backpacking along the Olympic Coast with his daughters.
Barry Fetterman
Barry FettermanVice-President
Barry Fetterman serves at the Vice-President of the Parks Foundation. He and his wife Jo Ann have lived on Bainbridge Island for 26 years. He has been active in a number of philanthropic organizations including several on the Island. Previously he served on the Board of the Bainbridge Island Land Trust, including a term as President, and was a Trustee of the Bainbridge Community Foundation where he chaired the Investment Committee. Barry is currently a member of the Investment Committee of Kindering, an organization that provides services to special needs children with facilities in Bellevue and in Bothell. Barry attended Kent State University where he earned his BBA and MBA degrees. He is a member of the Kent State University Foundation Board of Directors and served as Board Chair in 2009 and 2010. He began his career at IBM before entering the finance industry where his experiences included consulting, investment banking, and investment management. Prior to his retirement in 2004 he was a portfolio manager and principal at Sirach Capital Management, an institutional investment management company. Barry is an avid bicyclist and skier and enjoys walking the trails of the Island’s parks.
Maura Ahearne
Maura AhearneSecretary
In 2010, Maura and her husband Johnny Bregar moved to Bainbridge Island from Seattle with their two boys, in search of a little elbow room. Her love of trails, parks, and open spaces took root as a child while hiking on the Appalachian Trail and frequenting the neighborhood park near home. While at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, her passion for the outdoors was strengthened by a semester in the Rockies with the National Outdoor Leadership School, a 4-month Amazon Studies Program in Brazil, and summers on the trails in Wyoming. Professionally, Maura has worked as Managing Director of Central Park Summer Stage in New York City, Project Director for One Reel in Seattle, and currently, Director of Development for Seattle Theatre Group, the non-profit operators of The Paramount, Moore, and Neptune Theatres. Maura’s favorite park on Bainbridge is Gazzam Lake because it’s close to home and has great variety with the protected freshwater wetland, Puget Sound shore access, interesting boulders, and extensive trail system. And, one of her favorite walks when friends come to visit is Pritchard Park to Rockaway Beach to the Halls Hill Labyrinth and Blakely Harbor Park.
Susanne Lindsley
Susanne LindsleyTreasurer
Susanne is the current Treasurer of the Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation. She has been a Bainbridge Island resident since 1993, moving here from San Diego with her two daughters. While they were growing up on the island, they were able to take advantage of many of the BIMPRD programs. Susanne is a CPA and concentrates on taxation for individuals, estates and trusts. She has been a board member of several local organizations, currently a trustee of the Bainbridge Arts and Crafts Endowment Fund and now a new board member of the Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and yoga as well as traveling and exploring with her husband, Art Grice. On the island, they can be found walking the wonderful park trails with their dog, Henry who especially enjoys Blakeley Harbor Park.
Ken Bennett
Ken BennettBoard Member
Ken Bennett is a 30-year island resident and lifelong outdoor enthusiast. Ken served on the board of the Bainbridge Island Land Trust for six years and as Board President for one year. An avid hiker, skier and swimmer, Ken serves on the board of Bainbridge Aquatic Masters (currently as President) and volunteers his advertising and copywriting skills to groups such as EarthJustice, the Sierra Club and the Methow Valley Citizens Council. Ken is a copywriter/creative director and has worked with a variety of area companies including Starbucks, Amazon, Microsoft, and Seattle Children’s Hospital, as well as island organizations such as PacWesty and IslandWood. Ken is the author of three novels set in Washington State, including the young adult adventure, THE GAIA WARS which was recently optioned for television. Ken lives near Battle Point Park with his wife Susan (a marine naturalist and orca whale advocate). They have a son attending college at Montana State University in Bozeman.
Mort Kondracke
Mort KondrackeBoard Member
Mort Kondracke retired to Bainbridge after 45 years as a national journalist, though he still writes for For 22 years, he was executive editor of Roll Call, the newspaper affiliate of The Economist covering the US Congress. Previously he was a regular commentator at Fox News, The McLaughlin Group and ABC’s This Week. He was also D.C. Bureau Chief of Newsweek, a Wall Street Journal columnist, frequently appeared on Meet the Press and NPR and was a panelist in a 1984 presidential debate. He served as a Trustee of Dartmouth College 2010-18 and is a board member of Folio Library of Seattle. He is author of Saving Milly: Love, Politics and Parkinson’s Disease, subject of a CBS Sunday Night Movie. He is also co-author of Jack Kemp: The Bleeding Heart Conservative Who Changed America. He is married to Marguerite Kondracke, founder of Bright Horizons Family Solutions, past president of the America’s Promise Alliance and now board chair at Islandwood
J. Glenn Haber
J. Glenn HaberBoard Member
Glenn Haber is a past President of the Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation Board. He currently serves as a member of the Executive and Finance Committees. He is President and co-founder of Fletcher Bay Foundation, a private foundation dedicated to charitable grant making on Bainbridge Island and beyond. Prior to retirement Glenn worked for over 35 years in leadership positions in the financial and investment management industries, including Chairman and CEO of Rainier Mutual Funds. His overall work experience spans government, non-profit and private enterprise positions. Glenn and members of his family have lived on Bainbridge Island nearly thirty years enjoying the trails, parks, classes and open space we are so fortunate to have on Bainbridge Island. Glenn’s favorite parks-related activities are running and mountain biking on Island trails. Several times a week he can be found huffing and puffing his way up the Forest-to-Sky trail connecting Battle Point Park with the Grand Forest.
Andy Maron
Andy MaronBoard Member
Andy Maron has lived on Bainbridge Island for 35 years. He and his wife, Sallie, and their five children spent many, many hours over the years enjoying Bainbridge’s wonderful parks. During the 1990’s, Andy served on the City of Bainbridge Island City Council. And, in the 2000’s, he was Chair of the City’s Open Space Commission, which was tasked with recommending the properties to be purchased with an $8,000,000 bond issue. The Gazzam Lake Preserve is a real favorite as the first of many land acquisitions Andy supported. He also was a member of the Board of Directors of the Kitsap Public Facilities District from 2000-05, and continues to serve on the Board of Trustees of the Bloedel Reserve. Prior to coming to Bainbridge, Andy was in the U.S. Army, living in a number of places in the U.S. and overseas. He works as an attorney in Seattle, practicing primarily construction, real estate, and water law.
Frank Stowell
Frank StowellBoard Member
Frank Stowell and his wife Mary have lived in an old Port Blakely Mill house since they moved to Bainbridge in 1983. It is now a small farmlet which they share with 10 chickens, 2 sheep, many fruit trees and an aviary of parrots. Now retired, he was formerly the Director of the Seattle office of the Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation, a non-profit aptitude testing and research organization, and is currently on their national Board of Trustees. He has long been active in community and environmental affairs-he has been president of Bucklin Hill Neighborhood Association and the South Bainbridge Community Association, and has served on the board of the statewide Washington Environmental Council. Frank was a campaign coordinator for the Blakely Harbor Park acquisition, and has been President of the Bainbridge Island Land Trust. And while on the Land Trust Board, he was also actively involved with the fundraising efforts for Pritchard Park and the Close property acquisition. He has served on the Kitsap County Parks Advisory Board, and is currently board President of the ABC Conservation/Education Foundation, and is on the Bainbridge Parkland Acquisition Committee and the Agricultural Lands Committee with Friends of the Farm.
Dave Shorett
Dave ShorettBoard Member
Dave Shorett has lived in Washington all his life. He practiced law for many years, and his outdoor interests span from fishing to hiking. Dave has two sons and two grandchildren. He and his wife Alice wrote Walks on Bainbridge. The Bainbridge Library lauds the book as perfect companion for Bainbridge Islanders and visitors alike as it describes 21 different walking routes on the island. Dave served as a Commissioner on the Board of the Bainbridge Island Metro Park& Rec District for 15 years. He also served on the City Open Space Commission. Dave admits to an obsessive compulsive fishing disorder. He has written a number of fishing guides which include fishing technique, access information and hiking directions when necessary, as well as maps and photographs. That being said, he keeps secret his favorite fishing spots in Bainbridge parks.
Sara Tifft
Sara TifftBoard Member
Sara Tifft has had a 30+ year management career in global health and development with a focus on designing and directing family planning and women’s health programs in Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa. She lived and worked in Bolivia for three years and in Uganda for five years managing national-level programs to make contraceptives and AIDS prevention interventions widely available through public, non-profit and private sector distribution and marketing strategies. For the past nine years Sara held senior-level positions in the Global Reproductive Health program of Seattle-based PATH, where she led U.S. and Africa-based teams to introduce and scale-up an innovative version of a 3-month injectable contraceptive product. Sara holds a BA in Sociology from Oberlin College and an MBA from the Yale School of Management.
Sara has lived on Bainbridge Island since 2000 with her husband Ray Victurine and two (now young adult) children, Eliana and Andres. She served on the boards of her children’s swimming, water polo and soccer teams; and recently served two years as secretary of the inaugural board of the Grow Community’s home owners association. Sara and her family have always appreciated Bainbridge Island’s parks and recreation amenities, especially the Gazzam Lake, Blakely Harbor, Fort Ward, and Grand Forest/Hilltop/Forest-to-Sky trails, as well as the aquatics center and Battle Point Park’s soccer and lacrosse fields. She looks forward to giving back to the community by serving on the Parks Foundation’s board of directors.
Dana Webber
Dana WebberBoard Member & Past President
Dana Webber served as President of the Board in 2015. She was drawn to the Parks Foundation while volunteering her architectural services on a Park project. Her rapport with the Foundation and the Park District, and her vision for excellent parks, led to a leadership role on the Board. Dana has shepherded the idea of transforming the BI Parks Foundation from a community-service grant provider into the new Board with visions making great parks and community spaces. As an architect with her firm on the Island, Dana designs spaces for recreation and has been involved in projects from ferry terminals to zoos. Her three children have grown-up on Bainbridge Island and still participate in park programs on land and sea! In her leisure time, Dana and her husband run the trails, trying to keep up with their lively Rhodesian Ridgeback.
Andrew Welch
Andrew WelchBoard Member
Andrew joined the Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation Board of Directors in January 2016. Andrew and his wife Mariann and their four children live in the Port Madison area and they have great appreciation for the parks, trails and programs on our island.
Andrew’s early exposure to camping, hiking and fishing in the Lakes and Mountains Region of Western Maine solidified his lifelong passion for our environmental treasures. While living in Chicago for 20 years, Andrew and his family enjoyed exploring Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin with their mountain bikes, tents and hiking boots. Now, settled on Bainbridge Island for the past five years, Andrew and his family are committed to helping further enhance our parks, trails and recreational programs.
Andrew has been a leader in development and institutional advancement for the past 25 years. Andrew is Vice President with Seattle Children’s Hospital and Research Foundation. His work with the community to prevent, treat and eliminate pediatric disease is truly rewarding. Throughout his career, Andrew has also enjoyed working on annual and capital campaigns for higher education, cultural institutions and environmental causes.
Andrew is looking forward to partnering with our community to further enhance our wonderful parks, trails and recreational programs.
Barb Trafton
Barb TraftonExecutive Director
Are you dreaming up improvements for Parks and Island trails? Barb is at the Marge Williams Center on week days, and is eager to hear your ideas.
She is inspired by everyone who pitches in to improve our shared public places.
Barb joined the Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation as its first staff member. With husband Bruce Beall, she raised two children who participated in a plethora of parks programs. Soon after moving to the island in 1994 she joined the effort to create Blakely Harbor Park, to help save this beautiful shoreline and forest land from dense development. She then served on the Board of Bainbridge Island Land Trust. Barb was Co-chair of the Design Advisory Committee for Pritchard Park. She also ran the campaign to add the “Olson addition” to the Ted Olson Preserve. With initial support from the Parks Foundation, she founded and ran the Student Conservation Corps with the Park District in Partnership with Sustainable Bainbridge and the Land Trust. Barb has been a member of the BIMPRD Trails Advisory Committee since 2008, and finds her happiness in daily treks through our parks and trails, especially from Eagledale to Fort Ward.