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Kitsap Conservation District (KCD) invites you to a public meeting on March 4 to engage residents in their new Firewise program. The goal of Firewise is to teach homeowners how to protect their property from the outbreak of wildfire. Firewise is a national program that helps landowners live with the forest safely. It provides information on effective and simple practices that can potentially save your property from the worst damage of fire.

To encourage your participation, KCD is offering cost share of up to $1,000 to help homeowners prepare their property for the upcoming fire season by reducing fuel and wildfire risk. KCD has a grant from the Washington State Conservation Commission allowing them to provide information, assess a property or neighborhood for risk, and provide cost-share to reduce fuel and recycle yard waste that may feed a fire. It is a great program and one that you can be part of at no cost.

If you are a resident in the focus areas of Gazzam Lake or Grand Forest and are interested in participating in the fuel reduction activity, visit www.firewise.org and see information on the program. We are encouraging you to attend the brief meeting to get signed up for the program and cost share. If you cannot attend, please contact Brian Stahl (360) 204-5529 Ext 112 or [email protected] about getting the cost-share offer and having a risk assessment done.