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The Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation supports the proposed trails in the City’s Lost Valley properties, as part of a long-sought public trail route between Winslow and the Gazzam Lake Preserve. 

Find out more as the City of Bainbridge Island hosts a public meeting, 5 p.m. Monday, Nov. 15. The meeting will be online – find information on the project and a link to the public meeting here.

In 2019, the Parks Foundation purchased two trail easements to complete a trail route that was planned 15 years earlier when the Lost Valley properties (northwest of the Head of the Bay, between Eagle Harbor Drive and Fletcher Bay Road) were purchased by the City as recommended by the City’s Open Space Commission.

Lost Valley is a beautifully forested area, the home of some of the island’s largest hemlocks with ravines, wetland and streams. Islanders approved the 2001 Open Space Bond to acquire properties and easements such as those in Lost Valley, for public access and use. It is time that a long-planned trail through the Lost Valley be completed and made open to the citizens of Bainbridge Island. 

Public trails enhance our Bainbridge Island community, promote positive physical and mental health for islanders, and bring many other social and economic benefits. 

The Lost Valley trails will be the heart of a connected trail route from Winslow all the way to Gazzam Lake Preserve. Now that all easements are in place, we encourage the City to work with the Park District to construct and open this public non-motorized trail route, with ongoing support from the Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation.