Project Description

Jay Abbott Youth Activity Fund

The Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation has established the Jay Abbott Youth Activity Fund (JAY Fund) in memory of Jay Abbott, whose life was vibrant with outdoor activity. Jay enjoyed skiing, cycling and sailing throughout his life and shared his passion with others, especially youth. The JAY Fund supports projects in these three activities that emphasize mentoring, improved coaching, training of interested volunteers, and experiences that build confidence for Bainbridge Island youth. The Jay Fund Steering Group invites local youth activity organizations to submit proposals to help fund the kind of programming in which Jay enthusiastically engaged.

2018 JAY Fund Grant Applications

The 2018 JAY Fund Grant Cycle has closed. Check this space in the fall for information about the 2019 cycle.

Support JAY Fund Grants

The Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation invites the community to help the Jay Abbott Youth Fund remain a strong resource in years to come. Consider making a donation today!

Project Details


To support youth engaging in healthy outdoor sports activities


Bainbridge Island