Be a leader in sustaining our parks through the Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation’s Stewards Circle

The Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation Board of Directors invites you to join our Stewards Circle by making a sustained pledge of support to the Parks Foundation, investing in Bainbridge parks, trails and stewardship with an annual donation of $600 or more for three years. With your support, the Parks Foundation will continue to advance community priorities for park improvements, new trails, and stewardship of our cherished parks and public opens spaces.

We hope you will be among the dedicated Stewards who are committed to the Parks Foundation and our important work. The Foundation will remain nimble and lean as we work together to create community to sustain a thriving system of parks, trails and open spaces that preserve the character, beauty, and joy we find on Bainbridge Island.l.


NEW: Parks Foundation Trails Fund

he Parks Foundation is pleased to announce its new Trails Fund – a dedicated fund for expanding the island’s growing trail network.

Bainbridge Island’s public trails network now offers some 39 miles of trails for hiking, biking and walking, and new trails are being added each year. The network’s growth reflects islanders’ strong interest in outdoor recreation and non-motorized connections between neighborhoods, coupled with an aggressive land conservation strategy – some 1,100 acres have been saved from development over the last 25 years. This sustained community effort has been remarkably successful in setting aside the island’s last major tracts of undeveloped land, with the construction of new, publicly accessible trails following in every new park and open space tract.

As infill development continues across the island (the island’s population has increased by 50 percent, from 17,000 to 24,000, in that same 25-year period), the process of developing new trails, and connecting existing trails with one another, becomes more challenging and expensive.

The new Trails Fund addresses this challenge. It establishes a restricted account dedicated to trails development, specifically funding the “hidden” costs – legal fees, surveys, title searches, permits, staff time, and the purchase cost of trail easements – incurred in the lead-up to actual trail construction.

The Trails Fund has been seeded with a generous $50,000 donation from anonymous donors. We hope to triple this fund to support development of another 10 miles of island trails over the next five years. 

Do you love trails? Do you walk, run, or exercise your dog by hitting the trails in your neighborhood or on longer excursions? Do you like to be in touch with the natural beauty of our Is