If you remember the term “DNR forest,” you’ve been around a while, long enough to see some big changes – and big growth – in Bainbridge Island’s park system.

If you haven’t, well. Local purchase of those 240 beautifully wooded acres off Miller Road – today’s more splendidly named Grand Forest – from the state Department of Natural Resources in 1991 launched a 25-year period of tremendous expansion for Bainbridge Island parks and open space. Fueled by public bond levies, state and local grants, and vigorous private fund drives, nearly a dozen new parks and preserves totaling some 1,100 acres have come into the public fold in that time. 

Blakely Harbor Park. Gazzam Lake Preserve. Pritchard Park. Hawley Cove and Hidden Cove. Moritani Preserve. Many smaller, neighborhood parks and trails. Love them today? Not so long ago, they didn’t exist. But together, we made them happen. 

Growth of the island’s park system is a real success story, one that speaks to our community values and commitment to the environment and outdoor recreation. With that success comes the responsibility to maintain these park properties, stewarding their precious ecosystems while adding new amenities to meet public interest and demand. 

The Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation was formed to help meet this need. As an independent nonprofit organization, the Foundation marshals private resources, energy and inspiration to sustain our parks at a level above and beyond what general tax support would afford. Your gifts to the Foundation help us supplement the work of the Bainbridge Island Metro Park & Recreation District in maintaining excellent parks for all islanders. 

Support the parks and trails you love. Support the Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation with a gift today.