Host Barb Trafton, Executive Director of the Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation leads a group conversation of specialists regarding the popular Grand Forest in a changing climate environment. Participants include Dan Hamlin, Park Services Director at the Bainbridge Island Metro Park & Rec District; Jared Moravec, Deputy Chief at the Bainbridge Island Fire Department and Stuart Johnson, Landscape designer at AHBL, a multi-disciplinary Landscape Architecture Firm, and a researcher at the Grand Forest.

The conversation invites the listener to participate in thinking about what does forest health mean and to become actively involved in this much beloved open-space park in the heart of the island.  Each contributor offers their unique perspectives, reflecting values and concerns all contributing to a deeper understanding of this magnificent treasure.

Podcast credits: BCB host, Barb Trafton; audio editor, Keith Doughty; and publisher, Bob Ross.

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