Project Description

The original KidsUp Playground at Battle Point Park was built by spirited islanders in 2001 through community contributions and volunteer construction.  It was quickly embraced as a “destination” playground, drawing families from all over the island and North Kitsap County, and has thrilled a generation of kids with its colorful, unique and positive play experience. Bainbridge Island loves KidsUp! 

Wooden play structures cannot last forever in our NW environment, and after many years of weathering and hard play, the original KidsUp! has reached the end of its safe, material lifespan. Unsafe play elements are being removed. The playground is being dismantled, and the play experience diminished. To serve a new generation of families, islanders are once again stepping up to build a destination playground at Battle Point Park – a larger playground, offering a range of new attractions and features, and fully accessible to kids of all abilities. The project will have broad community benefit.  

The new KidsUp! Playground will feature a “universal design” for the enjoyment of kids of all abilities, regardless of physical limitations, like the popular Owen’s Playground at Rotary Park. All play elements will meet the latest standards for inclusion and accessibility. The playground and its central “ferry boat” play structure will be fabricated with durable materials for a much longer projected lifespan than the original playground. The new KidsUp! will be built to last

The overall playground will be expanded to include many new play features: spinners, swings, a trike track, earthen mounds for climbing, and many unique areas for imaginative play and exploration. It will also include a covered pavilion area to provide shaded play on hot days, and covered play during bad weather. 

KidsUp! The Next Generation of Play has been conceived by a Citizen Steering Committee, with professional guidance from the Landscape Structures, Inc., playground design firm. The central “castle” structure of the original playground has been rebuilt for safety and will be integrated with the new playground, honoring the original design. 

The projected cost of $600,000 is more than twice the cost of the original KidsUp! Playground. This reflects the larger size of the new playground, the cost of making all elements accessible (including extensive all-weather surfacing friendly to stroller/wheel-chair/walker use), meeting new playground safety requirements, and general inflation from the original construction in 2001. Approximately one-third of the budget will go to the large “ferry boat” play structure, the playground centerpiece, which is designed to last twice as long as the original KidsUp play features.

The Park District will provide labor and lead a community effort to build and assemble the new playground with many volunteer opportunities, saving on construction costs. Ongoing maintenance will be provided by the Park District. 

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KidsUp! Playground at Battle Point Park


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Help us bring ‘orcas’ to KidsUp!

Orcas at Battle Point Park? We’re not just spoutin’ off!

Climbable orca whales are among the many fun features planned for KidsUp! The Next Generation of Play, the expansive new playground planned for Battle Point Park. Centerpiece of the new playground will be a giant “ferry boat” play structure — and the theme will be carried even further with kid-friendly orcas swimming past for climbing fun.

The new KidsUp! is themed around our cherished local stories, and the orcas are an indelible part of Pacific Northwest lore. The climbable orcas are a chance to add a whimsical, ‘wow’ feature to the playground, while teaching our next generation of conservationists about protecting the Salish Sea and the many wonderful creatures who live there.

Volunteers are now sought for a committee to help design and fundraise for the orca play features, with kids and parents encouraged to join.

A portion of funds raised will be donated to protecting Puget Sound’s endangered Southern Resident killer whales.

Susan Andersson, a certified orca naturalist, will work with the committee on education and outreach about the endangered whale population and the challenges it faces. Andersson volunteers with several Northwest-based marine mammal conservation organizations, including the Center for Whale Research, Orca Network and Wild Orca.

“Kids and their parents want to know what they can do to help our endangered Southern Resident orcas,” Andersson says. “Having this orca feature at Battle Point Park will be a wonderful way to further that awareness.”

To join the KidsUp! Orca volunteer committee, email [email protected] or call the Parks Foundation at 206.842.7901.

How to join:

YES! I Want to Join the KidsUp! Orca Volunteer Committee!