KidsUp! The Next Generation of Play will be alive with sights and sounds, and you can help set the scene and call the tune.

Two new volunteer committees are being formed to help plan artworks and musical elements for the new playground at Battle Point Park. Parents and kids are encouraged to join and help shape these exciting playground features.

ART COMMITTEE: This group will inventory and evaluate the artworks at the current playground, recommend what to carry over to the new KidsUp!, and then help commission all-new artwork from local artists. Artworks will beautify the playground, tell local stories, and fascinate and delight young eyes.

MUSIC COMMITTEE: KidsUp! will have abundant musical elements – sound-making installations like marimbas, percussion and other all-weather “instruments” for an exciting auditory experience. This committee will recommend fun musical elements to be commissioned or purchased, and integrated around the playground.

To volunteer for either (or both) committees, email [email protected]. Kids and parents are encouraged to participate.

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