Project Description

Yukio Lane-Koura Road pedestrian trail

Safety improvements are coming to the connecting path between Koura Road and Yukio Lane.

While this path is very popular with pedestrians and bicyclists, it is actually a private driveway for the adjacent residence, and has never been a public trail.

The new property owners have enthusiastically agreed to add a public easement alongside their driveway, guaranteeing safe community access. The agreement was negotiated by the Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation, and the easement will be held by the Bainbridge Island Metro Park & Recreation District as a public trail.

We are now planning physical changes to the driveway to safely accommodate all users.

What’s planned

• The driveway will be realigned slightly to the east, for improved access by the homeowners

• A 5-foot pedestrian trail will be graded and graveled on the west side of the driveway, for safe use by pedestrians and bicyclists

• Signage will denote public access on the west side of a traffic separator (an attractive split-rail fence)

• Please note: This will be a strictly non-motorized trail — golf carts, motorcycles and other motorized vehicles will not be allowed

Get involved

The Park District will oversee construction of the public trail. You can support this work by making a tax-deductible gift through the Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation here.

We also plan a neighborhood work party to add trailside mulch to beautify the area. To be added to our mailing list for project updates, please email Brooke Drury, [email protected].

The Parks Foundation is pleased to work with the property owners, to establish safe public access to serve the many neighbors who use this Koura-Yukio corridor to travel to and from the Grand Forest and other areas. We’re very grateful to the homeowners for their  community-spirited participation. And invite you to be part of this project.

If you have questions about the, please email us: [email protected].