Project Description

Collaborating with community partners for positive change

The new boardwalk at Fay Bainbridge Park provides improved access to the shoreline from the parking lot. The boardwalk spans a group of old driftwood logs, making access to the beach easier for park users, including those who are mobility challenged and those wishing to bring canoes and kayaks.  The boardwalk also directs foot traffic across the sensitive back-shore habitat, allowing damaged areas to recover from trampling.

The creation of this new boardwalk was the result of a unique partnership between Fairbank Construction, Bainbridge High School, and the Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation.  Fairbank Construction partnered with BHS on a state-funded Work Site Learning program, offering three BHS students the opportunity to expand their education experience by providing technical skills, knowledge and training necessary to succeed in construction management.  Students were an integral part of this entire project from conceptualization, to budgeting and proposals, scheduling and construction.  The students received high school credit for participating and no financial compensation.airbank Construction contacted the Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation looking for a permit-ready project for their Work Site Learning interns.  In 2015 the Parks Foundation, along with the Bainbridge Island Metro Park & Rec District, had identified the boardwalk as a needed, unfunded improvement at Fay Bainbridge Park. The Parks Foundation suggested this project to Fairbank Construction for their Work Site Learning program and awarded the Park District $3000 to help cover the material costs.

Project Details


To improve access to the shoreline while providing an enhanced educational experience


Fay Bainbridge Park,
Bainbridge Island