Podcast: Creating a Climate-Resilient Forest at Moritani Preserve

Barb Trafton, Executive Director of the Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation, leads a group of inspired experts to discuss the new management plan for the Moritani Preserve in this episode of What’s Up Bainbridge.

Maryann Kirkby, landscape designer and chair of the Friends of Moritani Preserve, Malloree Weinheimer, CEO of Chickadee Forestry, and Jay Kinney, Bainbridge Island Metro Park and Recreation District commissioner, discuss the Moritani Preserve “pocket forest,” including its history and goals of the new management plan and community engagement, supporting a climate-resilient forest in this beloved Winslow open-space.

This podcast is part of the community conversation for the Associated Bainbridge Communities 2021 Environmental Conference: The Future of Our Forests, Bainbridge island and the Climate Crisis, Sundays in March.

Podcast credits: BCB host, Barb Trafton; audio editor, Keith Doughty; and publisher, Bob Ross. Register for the Environmental Conference

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REMEMBER WHEN: KidsUp! 2001 construction highlight reel & gallery

Honor the KidsUp! Founders & Friends with a special sponsorship of the Ferry Boat play structure wheelhouse

Twenty years is a long time. Still, Bainbridge Island hasn’t changed all that much, and chances are good that you or someone you know were among 900-plus islanders who turned out to build the original KidsUp! Playground at Battle Point Park back in spring 2001.
So we think you’ll enjoy this long-forgotten highlight reel and photo gallery of the weeklong construction and amazing community barn-raising spirit. So many familiar faces, so many memories! The video was recently unearthed on an old VHS tape and transferred to digital so we can share it here.
KidsUp! founders Amy Curran and Julie Marler have stepped up for a special sponsorship campaign to support the KidsUp! playground’s new iteration. Their goal: $9,000, to sponsor a wheelhouse feature on […]
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Mark National Public Lands Day with a gift to your Bainbridge parks and trails

Join the Parks Foundation’s new Conifer Club

In a time of pandemic, we still have parks and trails. Even with so many of our social spaces foreclosed, our parks and trails remain open and welcoming, and islanders have turned to the outdoors as perhaps never before for health and exercise, solace, reflection and community.   

We’re fortunate to be so rich in such a precious public resource.

Saturday, Sept. 26, National Public Lands Day honors the parks and open spaces we hold in trust to be shared and enjoyed by all. The Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation invites you to reflect on the importance of our parks and trails to our community’s quality of life. Visit a park! And consider how you can support them through the year.  

Despite the pandemic, it’s been a great year for our parks. In just the past few months, beautiful new trails have been built […]

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Connect NATURALLY for Earth Month 2020

“Touch the earth, love the earth, honor the earth, her plains, her valleys, her hills, and her seas; rest your spirit in her solitary places. For the gifts of life are the earth’s and they are given to all, and they are the songs of birds at daybreak, Orion and the Bear, and dawn seen over ocean from the beach.” – Henry Beston, “The Outermost House” 

In a time of pandemic and social distancing, our precious parks, trails and open spaces – even our own backyards – assume much greater import in our lives. Evergreen forests, open meadows or placid shorelines, in nature we find the solace, reflection and beauty so vital to our wellbeing.

The Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation and our partner organiz