Nonprofits Helping Parks is a new fundraising tool for local clubs, youth groups and nonprofit organizations, a way to earn money for your great cause while providing important stewardship in our Bainbridge Island parks. 

A great team-building opportunity and impactful in the community, these work parties bring islanders of all ages together to improve the health and beauty of Bainbridge Island parks and trails.

The Nonprofits Helping Parks program is sponsored by the Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation, in partnership with the Bainbridge Island Metro Park & Recreation District. 

Nonprofits + Stewardship = Win-Win

The Parks Foundation introduced the Nonprofits Helping Parks program in 2020 as a way to bring more stewardship to local parks while offering incentives and benefits for nonprofit organizations. In a nutshell: Your club, youth group or nonprofit organization commits to a work party in a public park or along a trail – pulling invasive weeds, for example, or putting in native plants or spreading gravel on trails – and the Parks Foundation will make a donation to your organization to thank you for your time and effort.  

The donation will be valued at approximately $10 per service hour volunteered. For example: if you bring 40 people to a 2-hour work party, the Parks Foundation makes a donation of $800 to your organization.

The Parks Foundation schedules nonprofit work parties throughout the year, whenever organizations step up to volunteer their time. During the school year, weekday afternoons can work well. Also, community trail work parties are scheduled every fourth Saturday of the month, from 10 a.m. to noon, and are a good opportunity if your group wants to volunteer during a weekend.  

How you get involved

To join the Nonprofits Helping Parks program, sign up with the Parks Foundation using our online form. Tell us about your organization and relevant contacts, how many volunteers you expect to provide, and when your organization would like to participate in a work party event, and other information. We need a minimum of 3 weeks to plan and organize an event, but it’s never too soon to sign up. As your event gets closer, you’ll be asked to provide a list of your volunteers and have them sign Park District volunteer waivers. 

What we bring

Once you’ve signed up for the program, the Parks Foundation and Bainbridge Island Metro Park & Recreation District will work with you to schedule and plan your Nonprofits Helping Parks work party event, which will be designed around the size of your group and the needs of our parks and trails. The Park District will provide onsite supervision throughout your event. Tools will be provided by the Park District, and for the safety of your group, only hand tools will be used. 

What you bring

Just the enthusiasm and people-power of your organization! For groups with youth volunteers, we ask that you provide one adult supervisor for every 10 students throughout the event. A typical work party lasts two hours. 

Other day-of-event requirements: You’ll help check in your group with a sign-in sheet, and distribute and collect Park District Volunteer Waiver forms. We must have a waiver for every person before they can participate. Then get to work!   

After the event

You’ll have our thanks for a job well done in our parks! We do ask that you remember to acknowledge the Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation and the Nonprofits Helping Parks program in your group’s outreach (web, social media or newsletter). We are happy to provide you template material to use to make it easier, just let us know. Then put the donation you’ve earned to good use, doing even more great things in our community. 

Past Nonprofits Helping Parks events

2018 – Bainbridge Island Swim Club, Sakai Park

2019 – Bainbridge Island Ultimate Frisbee, Moritani Preserve