A ‘Distance Socially, Connect Naturally’ Summer Contest 

No travel? No problem! This is Bainbridge Island, so no matter what street we live on, how remote our lane or long our driveway, there’s a great park or trail not too far from our front door. Who needs to hop a flight to have a great summer vacation? And you don’t even need a passport.
Because we love our Bainbridge Island parks, the Parks Foundation invites islanders to join us celebrating the many special places right here in our own backyard. For the next six weeks, visit our local parks (respecting social distancing, or course), tell us what you’re doing for your  Bainbridge Staycation and what makes it so great, and you can win a Staycation Prize!


PLAN THE PERFECT VISIT TO A BAINBRIDGE PARK – Visit a Bainbridge Island park, and have some Staycation fun. Have a picnic, throw a frisbee, hike the trail, read a book, paint a picture, write a poem, or just listen to the birds sing songs of this beautiful summer. Please remember to follow all health guidelines and maintain a respectful distance from those you meet along the way. Think of others – the others think of you!
TAKE SOME PHOTOS TO REMEMBER YOUR STAY – Take a selfie – alone or with your kid(s), your best friend, your significant other, your dog, whoever shares the journey – the park setting, the beautiful flora and fauna, whatever catches your eye. But we need to see at least one pic of you and/or your group.
PIX OR IT DIDN’T HAPPEN! Post your Bainbridge Staycation photos on Facebook or Instagram along with the hashtag  #bistaycationloveparks Or email us ([email protected]) your photo(s) with a short note about your Staycation, and we’ll post them on our pages.

We’ll have a different theme each week through Labor Day, starting now – post a new picture each week, or every time you visit a park!

Week #1 Picnic & Parks (Aug. 2-8) | What is your favorite picnic spot in a park or along a trail?
Week #2 Park & Play (Aug. 9-15) | What’s the best park to play with your kids, pets, family members on the island?
Week #3 Surprise & Delight (Aug. 16-22) | What are the little things that make you smile at a park or walking along a trail?
Week #4 Trees, plants, and mushrooms, oh my! (Aug. 23-29) | What are the interesting plants and trees, animals you see on your visit to our parks and trails?
Week #5 Read & Relax (Aug. 30-Sept.5) | What is your favorite book to read in a park or along the trail?
Week #6 There’s No Place Like Home (Sept. 6-7, Labor Day Weekend) | Share the park or trail that best reflects BI to you.

It’s easy to win! Participants will be eligible to win a Staycation Prize just for sharing their photos. Staycation Prizes Include:

  • Fay Bainbridge Cabin and Dinner Provided by Hitchcock ($250 Value)
  • Fully-Outfitted Vanagan from local PacWesty (one night) ($200 Value)
  • Gift Card to Wildernest ($100 Value)

Now stay close to home, stay safe and enjoy a Bainbridge Staycation in our beautiful parks!