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Moritani Preserve

The Moritani Preserve is a project of the Fletcher Bay Foundation, a private family foundation, which purchased the 8.5- acre former strawberry farm in 2017.  After over six months of intensive site restoration and trail construction the Fletcher Bay Foundation donated the property to the Park District in September.  The Park District will now maintain the Preserve as a quiet, tranquil green space for generations of Bainbridge Islanders to enjoy.

The new Moritani Preserve looks pristine from the pathways. But as with many island parks, swaths of invasive plants like ivy, blackberry and holly thrive at the edges. Left unchecked, these weeds choke out the forest understory and hurt the fragile ecosystem.

A management plan addresses this challenge zone-by-zone, with restoration to be done by both volunteers and professionals over a 5-year timeline. The Park District will maintain the Preserve with routine mowing and cleanup, but they do not have the funds to carry the management plan to completion.

Now Moritani Preserve needs Friends who can support this plan with their volunteer time and their dollars, to continue the work already started by the Fletcher Bay Foundation. Join Friends of Moritani Preserve today, and help the stewardship of this beautiful green oasis in the heart of Winslow.

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