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Moritani Preserve

The Moritani Preserve is a project of the Fletcher Bay Foundation, a private family foundation, which purchased the 8.5- acre former strawberry farm earlier this year.  After over six months of intensive site restoration and trail construction the Fletcher Bay Foundation donated the property to the Park District in September.  The Park District will now maintain the Preserve as a quiet, tranquil green space for generations of Bainbridge Islanders to enjoy.

While much habitat restoration work has been done, much remains for the Preserve to reach its full potential ecologically.  Removing invasive plants and replacing them with native vegetation is a multi-year process, with considerable expense. To tackle this ongoing ecological restoration the Park District and the Parks Foundation have established the Friends of Moritani Preserve, a joint project of the two organizations.  You are invited to join the Friends of Moritani. Express your gratitude for this new preserve by donating for continued habitat restoration. Help by volunteering for work parties or hosting a house party to benefit the Preserve. Please email to tell us how you would like to help.

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